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What if you suffer an injury near a construction site?

Construction companies and other entities running construction projects have a responsibility to keep both a worksite itself and close by areas free of hazards. While the specific party holding liability may shift depending on the nature of the worksite, members of the public who encounter the worksite can expect the responsible party to keep the area reasonably safe and post appropriate warnings around hazards.

If you recently suffered an injury in or near a construction site and believe that a construction hazard caused your injury, you may have grounds to file a personal injury claim against the party liable for the construction site. In cases like these it is often useful to consult with an experienced attorney who understands the intricacies of personal injury law and local construction oversight regulations.

Professional guidance can help you assess your accident and identify which parties may hold liability for your injury, guiding you through the complicated process of pursuing fair compensation for your injuries and associated losses.

Dangers from construction debris

Sometimes, it is not possible to keep all of the construction debris from a given project contained. Especially in construction that rises well above street level, falling construction debris may present very real risks to pedestrians and others who pass by.

Similarly, if a construction project produces debris that lands on a sidewalk or common walking area, some party running the project bears responsibility to clear the debris out of the walkway. If the liable parties do not keep such a sidewalk clear and someone trips and suffers an injury, they may face a lawsuit.

Pits and other construction hazards

If a construction project involves excavation or a large pit of some kind, it is important to keep proper barriers and visual warnings in place to keep workers and others safe from falling in. If a pit or similar hazard does not have proper barriers and warning signage, someone may easily fall in and suffer an injury, leading to a lawsuit.

However, if the responsible party does maintain proper barriers and warnings, a person who falls into a pit on a construction site may face some difficulty mounting a successful claim.

Don’t waste important time and energy

If you or someone you love recently suffered an injury on a construction site, do not procrastinate on assessing your grounds for building an injury claim. You may require much more medical care and ongoing treatment than you realize, and the longer you wait to build a claim, the longer it takes to receive fair compensation to cover your medical expenses and other costs.

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