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What If I am injured by government or city property?

When a person suffers an injury on someone else’s property, this often leads to a premises liability lawsuit. But what if a person receives and injury on property belonging to a government entity, such as city property?

If you suffered an injury on government property in the state of Texas, and in San Antonio, you may sue the entity responsible. However, doing so may require following a few extra procedures in addition to the basic steps one might take in a premises liability suit between two private individuals.

In most cases, premises liability suits are relatively lengthy and complicated matters. It is wise to build a strong case with the guidance of an experienced attorney who is familiar with the justice system in San Antonio and can keep your rights protected as you pursue fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

Where to begin with your claim

First, it is important to identify the government or municipal entity that is responsible for your injury and make sure that your claim against the entity is valid. In some instances, especially when it comes to a particular entity’s duty of care for certain property, the law favors the entity rather than the individual. Of course, you may have a stronger case than you realize, so be sure to consult a legal professional.

If, for instance, you stumble on a sidewalk that is poorly maintained, you may have a claim against the municipal entity responsible for upkeep of the sidewalk. However, if the codes that govern how upkeep of the sidewalk is managed allow a relatively low standard of care, this can narrow your options. Similarly, if you suffered an injury in an accident involving a city bus, entirely different entities get involved.

It is also good to gather as much information as you possibly can about the accident and your ensuing medical costs, as well as any other lost income related to the accident. The quicker that you can gather this information, the quicker you can set about building your case.

Timing these types of lawsuits can be tricky. As a victim, you want to make sure that you get fair compensation as soon as possible to resolve the medical bills associated with the accident. However, you also want to take the appropriate time needed to build strong case. Be sure to seek out legal counsel that understands the importance of focusing on individual cases to secure complete compensation, and one who can work with your medical care providers while you seek a fair settlement.

Following proper procedures

In addition to standard lawsuit procedures, you may need to provide proper written notice to the entity you wish to sue. You are generally not allowed to file a lawsuit against a government or municipal entity until complying with the notice requirements.

Before you choose to launch a lawsuit, make sure that you know what to expect from the entire process, and be sure to secure proper legal counsel. You wouldn’t want to miss out on a fair settlement because of a silly procedural issue that the representation of an attorney could have prevented.

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