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Ways to Shield Yourself From Sexual Assult and Attacks

Learning to avert dangerous situations is highly essential for personal safety. This means recognizing warning signs is highly required. It is a must to recognize the susceptibility so that you are not exploited. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee of you being safe all your lifetime. Bad things happen, even if you are prepared. Yet you must think what to do and how to handle things if you are suddenly a victim to some robbery or sexual assault in San Antonio. Make better decisions by keeping your head cool, when you consider your safety is under attack.

Robbery Attacks

The first thing to do is to surrender your belongings if the robber asks for them, especially if you notice a weapon. Nothing is more important than your life right now, so handover your purse, jewelry, phone or wallet. If the aim of the robbery relates to financial gain, give him all that you have and let him leave. Even if you do not notice a visible weapon, stay cool, assuming he may have at least a knife somewhere.

At the same time stay away from causing yourself any injury. The robber may suddenly become violent, so if you get a small chance, just escape, but do it safely not deliberately. Your actions are not required here as one wrong decision means you could cause serious injury. The most important part is once the robber leaves, file a report and notify the police.

Sexual Assault

There are situations when you get stuck unexpectedly and in such situations escaping is the best option. If you know martial arts, attack on the center line such as the nose, eyes, throat or groin. These are vulnerable areas that will ensure you enough time to escape fast. In case an assailant is attempting sexual assault in San Antonio and you are close to him, hit his eyes so that there is a legitimate threat. Once you notice your attacker is distracted or disabled temporarily, flee from that place and notify the authorities. Your self-defense is important and so you should not wait to cause more damage.

Sexual assault is a crime of opportunity and motive. Though there are ways to stay safe, there is no such definite way to avert such sexual attacks. If you are affected or someone becomes a victim of sexual violence, you need not blame yourself or look for sympathy. The right move is to contact a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer.

Feel free to leave any comments you have in the area below. Let us know if you have ever been the victim of sexual assault and how you responded to the situation. Do you have any words that may help other people in the future?

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