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Victims of Opioids Join Fight Against Dangerous Drugs

The group most affected by the opioid epidemic are individuals. Those who have been prescribed the drug, and became addicted and those who have family members that have fell victim to the disease of addiction have endured the brunt of the consequences brought on by the irresponsibility of the opioid manufacturers. However, they are not being represented in the courts. Counties, cities, and hospitals have been claiming huge financial damages caused by the drug makers. Unfortunately, individuals who need that money the most, are not having their interests represented. That was of course, until now. An ad hoc committee will be representing those affected by this epidemic, according to a filing with the U.S Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York.

Effects of Dangerous Drugs

The current litigation of Purdue’s bankruptcy has mostly been focusing on reimbursing local and state governments for local efforts to treat and stop addiction. But this ignores the massive financial setbacks families have faced due to job losses and overdoses caused by drugs like OxyContin. This group of people fighting for everyday families is seeking to create a pool of funds to help compensate those affected. An attorney representing the group said in a statement “People lost jobs. Rehab is very expensive. A lot of the victims could really use the money, and this money belongs to them. These are people who lost jobs, lost custody of their children, who buried children, who buried spouses, and there are many of them. They have no voice speaking out just for them in the bankruptcy.”

This effort comes as fears that opioid settlements will go the way tobacco settlements went decades ago. People fear that states will use these billions of dollars to help fill holes in their budgets, instead of using it to help the people affected. Right now, experts are estimating that the U.S economy has suffered a loss of over $631 billion over the past four years because of opioids. This is on top of the thousands of lives lost from this tragedy.

Have You Been Harmed From a Defective or Dangerous Drug?

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