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Unlicensed Trucker Leads To $36M Crash

David Lee Johnson is the last trucker you would want to be on the road with. This truck driver has numerous traffic violations, assaults, and even a suspended license. However, his most recent blunder was finally resolved last week. His employer, Universal Logistics Inc paid a victim of Johnson’s carelessness $36 million to settle a lawsuit from 2011. In order to understand this case more, one would have to look at Johnson’s past incidents.

Before Jonhson’s employment with Universal Logistics, he had been terminated by four of his seven previous employers. Reasons for his terminations range from felonies, tailgating, moving violations, and refusing to let a motorist merge off a ramp, and that’s just the beginning. In response to the crash involving the motorist he wouldn’t let merge, Johnson said: “I don’t have to let nobody off a ramp.” Johnson has also been convicted of felony reckless aggravated assault. Late one night while driving his truck, he accused a jeep of driving behind him with their high beams on. He proceeded to block the road, jump out, and smash the Jeep’s headlights with a tire thumper.

Johnson was then quickly placed on the “no-hire” list at United Logistics. However, this was overwritten by the safety director. He said in a statement that marginal candidates like Johnson are required for the company to turn a profit. All of this lead up to Johnson’s 2011 accident. This occurred when a wrong-way driver on the highway caused several vehicles to go off the road in order to avoid the driver. This caused Johnson to crash into Jame Denton. Denton was then pushed between Johnson’s truck and the fuel tank of another 18-wheeler. Johnson was driving over the speed limit, with a suspended license at the time of the accident.

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