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U.S Sees Highest Rate of Workplace Death Since 2007

March 16, 2021   |   Posted by: Begum Law Group
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In 2007, the U.S saw some of the highest numbers of work-related deaths in recent history. Now a concerning new trend is emerging in U.S labor statistics. Since as early as 2017, the U.S has been seeing a drastic increase in work-related injuries and deaths that rival the figures presented in 2007. The latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows another 2% increase in total worker deaths, with a total of 5,333 fatal injuries. What is more alarming is that these are pre-pandemic figures. When the 2020 data is released, it can be far worse given the impact COVID-19 has had on workplace safety.

Many of these cases are due to an increase in work-related motor vehicle crashes. The BLS data shows that transportation incidents have increased by 2 percent. That is the most cases since the category started in 2011.

Employers must seek to establish a systematic approach to safety. This includes having policies training, and risk assessment programs in place to address major causes of fatalities and injuries in the workplace. The death and injury of workers should never be chalked up to the cost of doing business. A culture of safety has to come from the top. Leadership needs to engage all workers in safety protocol, and help identify potential hazards so safety in the workplace can continue to improve. Ensuring employees can work safely should be the priority of any business. Taking steps to protect workers isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s the employer’s legal responsibility.

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