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Tripping Hazards in a Business

Tripping hazards are no laughing matter. If a business is acting negligently, and it results in an injury, they should be held responsible. Falling due to a tripping hazard can end up costing you big. Medical bills can begin to pile up, and lost income can put you in a difficult finical situation. Businesses have a duty of care to protect both their employees and patrons from harm. Failing to do so can open them up to a possible lawsuit.


When it comes to slip and fall cases, there are a number of entities that may be held responsible. It is up to the victim or the victim’s legal team to determine who had control of the area in question, and prove they are liable. Failing to remove or remedy a potential hazard, or protect individuals from that hazard can demonstrate an entity’s negligence in the given situation. It is important to remember that if you have been injured, you need to work quickly. In the state of Texas, you have up to two years to file a personal injury suit. While that might sound like plenty of time, it might expire sooner than you think. A number of issues need to be investigated, so hiring an attorney as soon as possible can make your case easier to prove

Common Hazards

While most people think wet floors or hazards spread across a floor are the only examples of tripping hazards, many people forget that poor lighting is also a common cause for falling. Not being able to see can make a person much more likely to fall. Regardless of the hazard, a business has a duty to notify individuals of these hazards, and remove them.

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