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Tips To Avoid Nursing Home Abuse

Are you concerned that one of your elderly relatives is being abused in their nursing home? Do they come back with scratches or bruises? Is their weight dropping significantly?

Nursing homes abuse is a sad reality that needs to be stopped. It’s something that we all have to think about considering that there always seems to come a time where our elderly relatives need to check into a nursing home. Nursing home abuse happens when workers at the nursing home neglect your relatives or force them to do things they don’t want to do. For example, the workers might give them bad drugs, sexually abuse them or refuse to feed them. There are also instances of physical abuse where you start to see broken bones and bruising. Ensure this doesn’t happen to you or one of your relatives and take the proper precautions before hand.

Let’s learn how you can avoid nursing home abuse.

Visit your relative Frequently

Someone can’t abuse your relative as much if you are always around. The more you show up and check on your relatives the better chance you have of catching someone who abuses you relative or getting your relative to admit that they are being abused. Elderly people often have too much pride to admit they are being abused. They were once much stronger during their lives, and now they feel like they should still be able to stand up for himself. The more you show up and visit your relatives the more they will trust you and the easier it is for them to admit that they are being abused.

Ask Them How They Are Enjoying Their Stay and If They Particularly Like Any Workers

The more you speak with other people the better idea you can get about the environment in the nursing home. Continuously ask your relative if they are enjoying it at the nursing home. Speak with other residents and try to pick up on hints that there might be one or two workers that are hurting the resident. It also might help to speak with some of the workers to see if you can pick up on any subtleties that might indicate they are trying to hurt the residents. Once you pick up on something, make sure you report it to a lawyer so you can bring those people to court. It’s not always easy to swallow, but once you realize what’s going on you need to do something. Our injury attorneys in San Antonio, Tx have dealt with this sad reality far too often and are experienced at taking these types of cases to court. Find a personal injury lawyer in your city to help you navigate the laws and defend your loved ones.

Let us know in the comments if you have any experience with nursing home abuse. Share how you discovered it or what you did afterwards. Are there any other ways to help prevent or avoid nursing home abuse. These techniques might just help you or a loved one stay safe for the latter years.

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