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The Importance of Witness Statements After a Car Accident

The settlement process following a car accident can become contentious. Collecting statements from those who witnessed your crash may help overcome factual disputes and resolve the case in your favor. Witness statements can be collected from people who were walking by and saw the accident occur, other motorists on the road (who weren’t involved in the crash), and more.

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Witness Accounts Help Preserve the Facts

Memories can fade over time, particularly when it comes to details that you don’t realize are important. In addition, your memory can start to grow colored by what you believe happened. Whether recorded in writing or otherwise, witness statements can serve as an objective record of the circumstances and details surrounding your car accident.

Witnesses are Neutral Parties

The at-fault driver’s insurer may question your statements, believing that your version of the story is motivated by self-interest. Meanwhile, you disagree with the driver’s statement, believing that they have skewed the facts in their favor in order to avoid liability for the accident.

Witness statements can help resolve conflicting versions of events. The witnesses to the accident weren’t injured or otherwise harmed, and they have no interest in the outcome of your case. As a result, it is reasonable to assume that their statements are unbiased and objective.

Confirmation of Facts

The outcome of any car accident case depends on the facts, but sometimes the facts can be difficult to establish. The accident may have happened so quickly that neither you nor the other driver is sure what happened. If you’re suffering from a head injury, all of your memories surrounding the accident may be clouded. A witness may have observed things that were unseen by you or the other driver, or they may be able to confirm details that are otherwise unclear.

Establishing Fault

Witness statements can assist in the establishment of fault in car accident cases. Witnesses may have seen the other driver looking at their phone, running a red light, or driving recklessly when the accident occurred. Their statements may help you establish that the other driver was at fault, and could help you prevail in your claim.

Settling Your Case

A detailed, persuasive statement from a credible witness carries a lot of weight if you are trying to settle your case without going to trial. As noted above, their statement can serve as valuable evidence in establishing fault. In addition, it may reveal other facts that undermine the other side’s likelihood of success at trial and persuade them that settling the case is the better option.

What About Trial?

If you’re unable to settle your case and must proceed to trial, witness statements can be invaluable. The jury is likely to find their statements to be persuasive, as they will assume that the witness is unbiased and objective. As a result, a witness statement could help prove liability and may assist in you receiving a favorable verdict.

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