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The Dangers of Driving Near Semi-Trucks

Accidents occur every year due to large semi-trucks. Trucks are large transportation devices that carry heavy loads and travel long distances, making it dangerous because of possible mechanical failures, drivers falling asleep and other threats. You may not realize that trucks pose a wide range of dangers when driving on the road and it is important for you to avoid semi-trucks when taking long road trips or even while cruising along the highway when going to work or school.

Do you trail semi-trucks when you see one? How do you respond when a semi-truck pulls up to the side of your car? Know the threats that semi-trucks pose when driving on the road to avoid accidents and injuries that force you to seek legal help.

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Runaway Trailers

A common threat on mountains and hills is when a truck trailer disconnects from a semi-truck and starts rolling down the road. If you see a runaway trailer pull to the side of the road and make sure you are not on the edge of a hill or mountain. Move away from a ledge to prevent the runaway trailer from hitting your car and sending you over the ledge. If the runaway trailer hits your car, take pictures of the accident and get the license plate number of the truck to give to your lawyer.

Driver Fatigue

Drivers spend an extended amount of time driving across the country. They keep mattresses in the back of their trucks to sleep, but poor sleeping conditions and driving for long periods of time puts the body into a sleepy state. Watch out for swerving trucks on the road, and report drivers you think might be falling asleep.

Brake Failure/Road Conditions

Poor road conditions and brake failures cause similar problems. They both can send a large truck flying along the road without any way to stop it. With brake failure, you can’t really do anything to stop the truck from hitting you. Simply drive away from the truck, and if you get hit take pictures and contact a lawyer. Road conditions give you the chance to get off the road and away from dangerous trucks that may swerve and go out of control on the road. If ice, rain or snow is accumulating on the road avoid driving. If you have no other option stay away from trucks and drive slowly.

Motorcycles and 18-Wheelers

An 18 wheeler is obviously substantially larger than a motorcycle, so you can imagine the fear that many motorcyclists have when driving along with semi-trucks. Let’s take a look at how San Antonio residents can stay safe in the future whether they are driving motorcycles, cars or trucks.

Your Safety Equipment Sometimes Isn’t Enough to Protect You from HarmM

The motorcyclist in this accident was wearing a helmet, but the impact was so hard that it cracked the helmet and killed the rider quickly. Just because you have a seat belt on or a helmet on doesn’t mean you are in the clear. You still have to be a safe driver and protect yourself from other people who might not be as cautious as you.

Just Because You Follow the Rules Doesn’t Mean It’s Safe

The truck driver in this story followed the rules by turning left on a green light. The only problem is that he could have waited for the green left arrow to ensure that no one else was coming along. Even if he decided to go left on the green light, it is essential for people to look at all the angles to ensure that no one else is coming in your path.

Darkness is Certainly a Factor When You Are Driving on the Road

Darkness will always hinder your vision, so you have to be extra careful when driving at night. One way to avoid this altogether is to completely stop driving at night. There are more people who are drunk driving and not paying attention because they are excited to go out and spend time with friends. You are better off staying home. Keep in mind that if you ever do get in a car accident in the San Antonio area, it’s essential to call a personal injury lawyer to get all the compensation you deserve. You will want to pay off your medical bills and get your vehicles fixed.

More Tips To Avoid 18-Wheeler Accidents

Take The Side Streets

Most 18 wheelers are driving along major highways. One of the best ways to avoid an 18 wheeler accident is to spend your time on the side streets. It might be a little bit quicker to arrive at your destination by taking a highway, but your safety is more guaranteed on side streets with less 18 wheelers and slower speeds.

Don’t Drive Near 18 Wheelers

If you are required to drive in a highway and there are various 18 wheelers on the road, consider avoiding them completely. When passing an 18 wheeler try to pick up speed and get as far away from it as possible. If you see an 18 wheeler in the distance, don’t speed up to reach it. Instead, maintain a consistent speed limit or even slow down to prevent any problems from happening.

Avoid Driving At Night

18 wheelers are often driving at all hours of the day. It’s not a guarantee that all 18 wheeler drivers are sleeping at night, but there are more accidents that do occur at the nighttime. 18 wheeler drivers are less likely to see you when driving at night, and you are even less likely to see them at night. You don’t have to drive at night then don’t. You can always make a drive the next morning and make up for the lost time. You would much rather arrive at your destination late than get in an accident because you had to drive at night.

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