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Texas Winter Storm: How Bad Faith Insurers are Taking Advantage

The recent winter storm in Texas has left thousands of Texans with severe property damage. With estimates of upwards of $20 billion in property damages, it’s no surprise that Texans are calling in droves to file claims with their home insurance policies. Many people are facing extensive damage to their homes. Water damage from frozen pipes, roofs destroyed by heavy amounts of snow and ice, and other types of extensive damages are leaving homeowner stuck with no choice but to file a claim.

Of course, this wouldn’t be such a massive issue if insurance companies fulfilled their contractual obligations. Unfortunately, some insurance providers are not covering what they are contractually obligated to pay for. While the insurance company might deny some or all of your claim, it doesn’t mean that they are not responsible under the contract. While they may not want to pay, attorneys are helping these victims fight back. An insurance policy is a contract, and often has extensive exclusions that can be hard to navigate. But with the help of an attorney, you can figure out what the insurance company owes you. You’ll be able to get the money you deserve and are entitled to under the law.

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