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Texas is in the Top 5 of Unfixed Recalled Vehicles

Last year, over 52.7 million recalled vehicles were being driven without being fixed. Now, in 2020 that number has jumped to 55.7 million according to CARFAX. What’s even more frightening is that about 75% of all those recalls are in the south, and 25% of the total are registered in Texas. That makes Texas the state with the second-largest number of open recalls with 5.9 million. California holds the most, with 6.8 million.

The total of open recalls has slowly decreased since it hit its peak in 2017. However, these recalls still pose a serious threat to everyone on the road. Even the most minor malfunction can lead to a serious collision. It is important to check your vehicle for recalls often. Getting into this habit can help save you, and others.

Taking care of an open recall is often free if you take your vehicle to the appropriate dealership. Manufacturers have to replace or repair any defects that may have been a result of their negligence. There are many ways to check if your vehicle has an open recall. Manufacturers have to notify customers of these issues, but there are many organizations that specialize in notifying those who might be affected. An easy and quick way to check if your car has a recall is to visit The NHTSA keeps a record of these defects so you can easily check your car’s status.

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