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Texas House Bill 19: Protecting Big Insurance Companies Instead of Victims

In the span of the past few years, trucking crashes have been increasing in Texas. Texas leads the Country in the number of commercial vehicle fatalities in the Nation. The number of deaths and injuries from trucking-related collisions is rising, and little has been done to hold these major trucking companies responsible. All too often, a trucking company hires drivers that are inexperienced and are untrained. When these drivers inevitably cause harm to other drivers, the only way to hold these companies responsible is to obtain a monetary judgment against them and hope that they will change their ways. A lawsuit cannot undo the damage that has been done, but it is the first step to recovery. People need that money from these lawsuits to pay for Medical bills lost wages and other damages. This is a financial necessity so victims can get back to some kind of normalcy in their lives.

Texas House Bill 19 seeks to limit the recourse victims have after they have been involved in these devastating incidents. What this bill essentially does is give trucking companies a free pass when they act negligently. Victims would have to demonstrate grossly negligent behavior on the part of a trucker’s employer to recover damages. Otherwise, only the truck driver involved would be liable. Insurance companies that already make billions of dollars a year are seeking to make even more, and it all comes at the expense of victims.

People have the right to hold these negligent trucking companies responsible. It is the trucking companies’ responsibility to properly train their drivers. It is their responsibility to make sure their employees follow federal and state guidelines. Removing that responsibility will only make driving on Texas roads more dangerous. As it stands, Texas is the deadliest state in the nation for large trucking collisions. The latest data from TxDOT shows that out of 37,515 trucking accidents, over 6,000 resulted in injury or death.

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