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Tesla Autopilot Feature Blamed For Fatal Crash

The famous electric car manufacturer, Tesla, has seen a great amount of praise for its advances in technology. Features like its autopilot have captured investors’ and customers’ attention. However, this same feature has been bringing a lot of problems to the company recently. Numerous reports claim that the Tesla autopilot often malfunctions. In the most recent case, a man driving his Model X complained to numerous people, including his Tesla dealership, that his vehicle would swerve on the highway. It would apparently get dangerously close to highway barriers, but the Tesla dealership was unable to replicate this issue.

Several days ago, the same man was involved in a crash while driving his Telsa in autopilot mode. His vehicle did exactly what he complained to Telsa about. It sped up and crashed into a highway barrier. Unfortunately, the crash was fatal. His family is now suing Tesla, alleging that his Model X was “defective.” Tesla admits that his vehicle was in autopilot mode during the crash, but claim the vehicle warned him numerous times to switch off the feature and drive normally. Tesla vehicles come with a “Hands-on warning,” which instructs drivers to take control of the vehicle because the autopilot can not manage. Tesla claims the driver ignored the warnings, and they are not responsible for the crash. They went further and claimed that the crash wouldn’t have happened if the driver was paying attention.

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