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Steps to Take After Slip and Fall Accident

August 2, 2014

Slip and fall accidents are often tricky for legal situations, because the people who fall occasionally feel responsible for their own falling. Unfortunately, this is not really the case, since companies and organizations and individuals have a responsibility to maintain their facilities and make sure that no one gets hurt while on the premises.

For example, if you go to a restaurant here in San Antonio, and there is a layer of grease near the kitchen. The restaurant should clean this up before someone slips and falls on it. If someone walks to the bathroom and falls on the grease, then the restaurant is liable for the negligence.

If you feel bad about suing someone or if you feel like the accident was your fault, then sit down and reevaluate your situation. You may be eligible for compensation, making it necessary for your to get a lawyer.

But how should you respond if you do get in a slip and fall accident? We know that many people don’t respond at all, but how can you be different from those people?

Take Down As Much Evidence As You Can To Present to Lawyers

Write down everything you can remember from your slip and fall accident. You may get knocked out or something like that, but you should be able to ask a friend what happened. Compile any hospital charges and other health fees you have accumulated related to the event. If possible, file a complaint with management, or call a San Antonio police offices to file a report. This way you will have records of the event and what happened.

Don’t Talk With Any Other Parties to Protect Yourself

One of the worst things you could do is talk to a lawyer who is not representing you. They may try to get you to sign a document that forces you to pay money, get no money, or not get enough money for your damages. You also want to avoid people who are in the other party. Try to avoid any calls or communications with the restaurant or organization who was negligent.

Contact A Lawyer to Manage

Call a lawyer who provides consultations for free. The best lawyers don’t get paid until you they win the case for you. Get a lawyer, in the city where the injury occurred, who can speak with other lawyers and field any communications needed with other parties. Lawyers are there to understand your evidence and get you the highest amount of compensation possible. You deserve it, so why not get a lawyer who works hard for you.

Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions about your slip and fall accident. Share your experiences if you ever slipped and fell and did not respond properly. It’s important for people who have never taken out a personal injury suit to understand the intricacies of it all. Help them out with your experiences. Want to speak with a slip and fall attorney about your case? Our San Antonio injury lawyers are always available to provide you with a free case review.

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