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Should You Get Paid For Your Slip and Fall Accident

May 5, 2016

Many Americans don’t like the idea of slip and fall accidents, because you can technically fake a slip and fall accident and then waste taxpayer money by bringing it to court. You also might slip and fall and a lot of people consider this your own fault. Obviously, this is an extreme view and slipping and falling is no laughing matter. You need to be aware of your surroundings and understand that the American justice system is an around to cater to your clumsiness, but homeowners in building owners have a responsibility to keep their floors and outdoor areas safe so that people don’t get severely injured. If you walk into a restaurant and the entire floor is covered in grease then you can’t expect anyone to not fall.

Let’s take a look at whether you should get paid for your slip and fall accident.

Are You Severely Injured?

One of the main reasons you should actually get paid for a slip and fall accident is if you are severely injured. If you feel a little dizzy from falling on the ground you get a scratch on your knee then you should never take advantage of the American legal system because of small injuries like this. However, if you damage your spinal cord or break a bone it is reasonable to assume that you want to get your medical bills paid for.

Is it Clear Who Was Responsible?

If you can’t identify who was responsible for your slip and fall accident than a will be quite difficult to get paid for it. Speak with your personal injury lawyer and figure out where you were when the slip and fall accident occurred. If you are in a business setting than the company is probably responsible. If you were in someone’s home then that homeowner is most likely responsible for whatever cause your slip and fall accident.

Did People Try to Help You or Offer You Money?

Many people sue organizations for slip and fall accidents depending on how the organization responded to the particular accident. Sometimes companies will offer you some sort of compensation instead of having to go through the tedious court process this can be useful for you if you don’t want spend money to go to court. It’s also important to outline how they responded to the actual injury. If they treated you like crap and didn’t tend to your injuries on the spot then you can bring this up in court leverage your case.

Share your thoughts on slip and fall accidents in the comments section below. We understand that people have differing views on slip and fall accidents, but it’s important to understand whether or not you should get paid for your slip and fall accident, because many of these accidents are actually quite serious.

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