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School District Sued For Wrongful Death

September 10, 2019   |   Posted by: Begum Law Group
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The Bryan Independent School District is being accused of causing the suicide of its former high school principal. Dennis Reeves died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the school parking lot inside his truck. The lawsuit filed by his wife has a laundry list of accusations including the wrongful death of her husband. If true, it exposes a large amount of corruption within the school district. A few of the accusations are a forged resignation letter manufactured by the school board after Mr. Reeves passed. Abusive, sexist, unprofessional, and homophobic behavior from the superintendent, whos hiring is also being questioned. In short, the lawsuit alleges gross negligence by the school district in the events leading up to Reveese’s death. His family is seeking emotional, mental pain and anguish and punitive damages.

The superintendent, Mr. Wallis, is accused of bullying his entire career and being hostile/ abusive toward staff and Mr. Reeves. The school board is accused of covering up a number of controversies in order to avoid bad press. One of which is the hiring of Mr. Wallis. Mr. Wallis was forced to resign from his last position as superintendent at his former school district. That school board cited a “loss of trust,” and putting his interests above that of the district. The suit goes on to say that the “cabal” of the school district arranged Mr. Wallis’s hiring in order to use him as a puppet in their affairs. This was all in a scheme to get Mr. Reeves to leave his position as principal and replace him with a member of the “cabal.”

The full suit can be read here.

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