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Risks of Being Hurt on a Cruise

Most people enjoy going out to sea on a cruise for a fun vacation out on the water. Commerical and other advertising for these companies shows all passengers having fun, taking advantage of all the benefits a cruise can offer. However, the one thing that isn’t often looked at by passengers is the healthcare on board. Of course, no one plans on becoming ill or getting hurt on their vacation. Why would they be concerned about medical care onboard a ship? Well, the truth is that you could need medical care when you least suspect it, and people count on professionals to be able to treat them when they need it the most.

The unfortunate truth is that hundreds of people become ill on cruise ships. The CDC reports that 561 passengers and 31 crew members were treated for an ultra-contagious gastrointestinal illness on a cruise out of Florida last year alone. Sometimes, these situations can be deadly, which is why many cruise lines have morgues on board. At least 189 deaths were reported on cruise lines last year according to Kiser Health News and the CDC. That’s why it’s important to understand and research the medical professionals that will be on your vessel if you plan on taking a cruise. Here are some common issues we see on cruise lines and their medical professionals.

What To Look Out For

Most Doctors on Cruises Aren’t Specialists These doctors on cruise ships are hired to treat things like norovirus. Most aren’t even emergency room qualified. Many of the doctors on board are not even fluent in English. This could lead to enormous issues when it comes to communicating what is wrong, and even how to proceed with treatment. Most of the time, the clinics on board have limited hours. According to Carnival Cruise ships, their clinic service hours are only 9 am to 12 pm and don’t open back up till 3 pm and close at 6. On port days, these hours are limited even more.

If you have an emergency the ship cannot handle, you’ll often be dropped off at the next port. If you’re in U.S waters, this may not be a big deal. However, if you’re somewhere foreign, the medical care may not be up to the same standards as they are in the U.S. So if you are going on a cruise, be sure to investigate thoroughly. It’ll help if you know what to expect if you need help while onboard. If you were injured on a cruise, you might have a case. If someone else’s negligence played a part in your injury, you should contact an attorney.

Injured by Someone’s Negligence? Contact The Law Giant

At The Law Giant, Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers, we understand how traumatic events like this can be. That’s why we are committed to helping victims recover compensation through personal injury lawsuits. If you have been injured and negligence may have caused the injury, you should promptly talk to an attorney with experience in personal injury and negligence cases. Your lawyer will know what your rights are under the law. You may be entitled to compensation. Contact our firm today at (866) 523-4167 to schedule a free, initial evaluation of your case.

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