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Personal Injury Deposition: What To Expect

January 22, 2021   |   Posted by: Begum Law Group
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If you have been hurt in Texas, and are seeking compensation from the negligent party, you could find yourself wrapped up in the extensive claims process. This of course can eventually end up in court. For that reason, it is important that you seek the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. A Texas personal injury attorney can help guide you through this complicated process and make sure you get the damages you are entitled to. As the case moves forward, your lawyer can advise you on what to expect. This includes being deposed by the other party. Obviously, the thought of being questioned by the opposing counsel is enough to stress anyone out. However, with enough preparation and an understanding of what the expect, you’ll be fine!

So What is a Deposition?

In personal injury cases, a deposition is an attempt to gather information from witnesses that may be useful if your case goes to trial. Often, witnesses, including yourself, are deposed by opposing counsel. The testimonies provided during the deposition is provided under oath, transcribed or recorded so it may be used at trial.

Depositions are legal requests for testimony under oath. you are required to comply as part of the discovery process in your lawsuit. A deposition provides a record of facts and circumstances that will be used to establish your credibility at trial. It’s important to not panic. The idea of deposition can be intimidating, but your attorney will prepare you for all potential questions that might be asked of you. Remember, this is an important part of the discovery process of your case. Failure to cooperate could forfeit your right to your lawsuit.

Depositions are scheduled after your lawsuit has been filed. Of course, it is in advance of the actual trial. The notice of deposition will be served to alert you that you have been deposed. Your attorney will coordinate with opposing counsel to determine dates and times that are agreeable to all parties.

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