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Motorcycles and 18-Wheelers | Not a Good Mix

February 5, 2015

Recently, a motorcyclists got into an accident with an 18 wheeler, where the motorcyclist eventually died from the injuries. It’s unclear whether or not the 18 wheeler driver will face charges, since it looks like the driver had a green light, but it was trying to turn left, which is not allowed without a protected arrow. This is concerning, because an 18 wheeler is obviously substantially larger than a motorcycle, so you can imagine the fear that many motorcyclists have when seeing something like this. However, there are a few things to take away from this story, legally and in order to stay safe in the future.

Let’s take a look at how San Antonio residents can stay safe in the future whether they are driving motorcycles, cars or trucks.

Your Safety Equipment Sometimes Isn’t Enough to Protect You from Harm

The motorcyclist in this accident was wearing a helmet, but the impact was so hard that it cracked the helmet and killed the rider quickly. Just because you have a seat belt on or a helmet on doesn’t mean you are in the clear. You still have to be a safe driver and protect yourself from other people who might not be as cautious as you.

Just Because You Follow the Rules Doesn’t Mean It’s Safe

The truck driver in this story followed the rules by turning left on a green light. The only problem is that he could have waited for the green left arrow to ensure that no one else was coming along. Even if he decided to go left on the green light, it is essential for people to look at all the angles to ensure that no one else is coming in your path.

Darkness is Certainly a Factor When You Are Driving on the Road

Darkness will always hinder your vision, so you have to be extra careful when driving at night. One way to avoid this altogether is to completely stop driving at night. There are more people who are drunk driving and not paying attention because they are excited to go out and spend time with friends. You are better off staying home. Keep in mind that if you ever do get in a car accident in the San Antonio area, it’s essential to call a personal injury lawyer to get all the compensation you deserve. You will want to pay off your medical bills and get your vehicles fixed.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about driving motorcycles or any type of vehicles in San Antonio for that matter. If you have any suggestions for staying safe on the roads or for responding to accidents like these, please let us know in the comments section below.

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