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Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Texas

Car accidents are a frequent occurrence in Texas. Even a minor crash can leave a victim with vehicle damage, hefty medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, and other damages. Below, we discuss the most common types of car accidents that arise across the state.

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Car Crashes in TX

Common types of car accidents in Texas include:

Rear-End Collisions
Rear-end collisions account for more a significant amount of crashes in the United States. These types of accidents occur when a car hits the vehicle in front of it. In most cases, rear-end collisions are seen in heavy stop-and-go traffic. They are known to injure both drivers and passengers of any vehicles involved, and cause significant damage to the back of the car that gets struck.

Single-Vehicle Accidents
Single vehicle accidents only involve one vehicle, and typically arise when a stationary object such as a tree or guardrail is hit. Distracted driving, speeding, and inclement weather conditions increase the risk of single vehicle crashes. Even though these accidents do not involve multiple vehicles, they can cause serious injuries to motorists and passengers.

Head-On Collisions
When the front ends of two vehicles hit each other in opposite directions, a head-on collision occurs. Since these crashes almost always take place at high speeds, they often lead to life-threatening injuries and death. Wrong-way drivers, as well as those who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, are typically responsible for these types of wrecks.

Side-Impact Collisions
Also known as “T-bone collisions,” side-impact crashes happen when the side of a vehicle is impacted by the front or rear end of another car, and a “T” shape is created. The most common causes of side-impact collisions include improper lane changes, failing to yield correctly, issues with blind spots, and drifting into another lane as a result of distracted, fatigued, or impaired driving.

Sideswipe Accidents
Sideswipe crashes are the result of a driver scraping the side of another vehicle, or pushing or slamming into it. Unsafe merging into traffic or changing lanes without checking blind spots can contribute to these types of crashes. They can be fatal if they cause a car to hit other vehicles or leave the road.

Vehicle-rollovers are known as some of the deadliest accidents possible. They occur when a vehicle tips or is knocked over and ends up on its side or roof. Often, occupants of the car are ejected and lose their lives. Although SUVs are more likely to roll over, cars, trucks, and vans may also be involved in this type of crash.

Multi-Vehicle Pileups
When a car accident involves three or more vehicles, it’s referred to as a chain reaction crash or multi-vehicle pileup. These pileups are widely seen on highways where speeding, distracted driving, or following too closely take place. Since many vehicles are involved in these types of crashes, determining liability can be difficult.

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