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More Explosions at Port Neches Plant

Last week, explosions coming from the TPC Group plant in Port Neches shocked everyone. Suddenly, residents were being asked to evacuate after the chemical plant burst into flames. Over 50,000 people were forced to flee their homes because of the risk the plant caused. Thankfully, the flames have been contained and people are allowed to return home. However, people in the area will still have to face the consequences of this unexpected fire.

The explosion happened where the plant made butadiene, a chemical used in synthetic rubber. Three employees were injured in the blast. This blast was so powerful, it sent shattered glass and doors ripped off their hinges, causing them to fly off for miles. Officials are asking residents to avoid touching any debris they might come across. This is especially true if they see any white, chalky material. This could be asbestos which was used while building the plant in 1940. Officials say they don’t detect any airborne asbestos, but this doesn’t mean that the area is 100% safe. Residents still need to be cautious.

Most recently, on Saturday another plant tower fell. Making the residence even more concerned about the dangers this plant could cause them and their families. The TPC plants have been cited for environmental violations in the past, which explains why people returning home should be especially careful. Remember, a chemical plant fire is not an ordinary fire. They have the potential to be far more dangerous.

Legal help for those affected in the Port Neches explosion

Accidents in the oil and gas industry have the potential to cause long-term damage to those in the community where the accident occurs. Members of the community may experience direct bodily injuries, damage to their personal property, and airborne chemical exposure. Even with regular monitoring of air quality in the affected area, it’s still possible that individuals are exposed to dangerous levels of chemicals after an explosion. If our team of experienced lawyers thinks you have a claim, we will thoroughly investigate the incident and fight for your financial recovery.

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