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Mistakes People Make After Car Accidents

After a Texas car crash, many people make the mistake of not consulting with a personal injury attorney. People think they might not be able to hire an attorney, or they can handle their claim by themselves. These are ideas the insurance companies want you to believe. In truth, a personal injury lawyer will cost you nothing out of pocket. These attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. That means, they only get paid when you win your claim, and they get paid out of the awarded amount.

If you do not work with a lawyer, the at-fault driver’s insurance company, defense attorneys, and claim adjusters will take advantage of your situation. Below are some of the most common mistakes victims make after being involved in a car crash.

Not Seeking Medical Attention.

After a car crash, you should always seek medical attention right away. Far too many people wait for symptoms to show, or don’t seek medical attention at all. It’s important to remember that not all injuries are apparent. Injuries such as brain bleeds do not display symptoms until you are in a medical crisis. Injuries always heal better with prompt medical treatment. Be sure you get checked out by a doctor so you are sure everything is fine! Your health should be your top priority.

If you do file a claim, your medical records will prove to be strong evidence to show the extent of your injuries. Your medical file will also be able to help link your injuries with the accident that caused them. If you wait even a few days, the defendant could argue that you were injured from something else.

Settling Your Case Before Finishing Medical Treatment and Low-Ball Offers

Halfway through your treatment, you might get an offer from a claims adjuster. They know most people are eager to put the accident behind them and are tired of the inconveniences it has caused. The adjuster will use this to offer you less than you deserve. You might think you know what your medical bills will be, but in reality, sometimes the first treatment isn’t enough. Your doctor might prescribe something else, and that costs money. However, if your settled your claim before your doctor released you from medical treatment, you could be stuck paying for those additional treatments yourself.

Other times, insurance adjusters will give you an offer right after the accident, before you’ve even started treatment. Unless you work in the liability insurance field, or personal injury, you are unlikely to know how much money you should get from the at-fault driver’s insurer. Claims adjusters know that and will throw low-ball offers at you, hoping you accept. Then you’ll find out later that you should have received more money. By then, it’s already too late.

Agreeing to Give a Recorded Statement

Shortly after the accident, you’ll likely be contacted by the claims adjusters. Often, they will try and get you to provide a recorded statement. They try and trick you by saying this is your time to tell your side of the story. This is the furthest thing from the truth. The adjuster will take your recording and cherry-pick the transcript to take your words out of context. They’ll twist your words to mean something you did not intend in an effort to try and pay you less money than you deserve.

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