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Machine Shop Explosion Kills Two in Houston

January 27, 2020   |   Posted by: Begum Law Group
Houston damage after storm

Early Friday morning, people in a Houston neighborhood awoke to a large explosion. A leak of propylene gas caused a machine shop to blow up, damaging nearby buildings. Propylene is a colorless highly flammable liquefied gas that is often used for industrial purposes. So far, officials have no reason to believe the fire was intentional but they are investigating whether or not there were any regulations being violated. Nearby homes had their windows blow in, and many other houses were surrounded by the shattered debris. One business had their metal loading doors bent, and caused minor damage inside. Many nearby homes were pushed off their foundations. Officials are still investigating the total extent of the damage.

Houston is one of the biggest oil and gas hubs in the country and is the fourth largest city in the U.S. The total population is around 2.3 million which makes any fire in the city all the more dangerous. If you find yourself in an industrial fire, remember to pull the nearest fire alarm and evacuate immediately. While fleeing the fire, be sure to feel the door for heat before opening, and stay low to the ground if there is smoke.

Legal help for those affected in Industrial explosion

Accidents in the oil and gas industry have the potential to cause long-term damage to those in the community where the accident occurs. Members of the community may experience direct bodily injuries, damage to their personal property, and airborne chemical exposure. Even with regular monitoring of air quality in the affected area, it’s still possible that individuals are exposed to dangerous levels of chemicals after an explosion. If our team of experienced lawyers thinks you have a claim, we will thoroughly investigate the incident and fight for your financial recovery.

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