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Juul Sued by Teen for False Advertising

Monday, the popular e-cigarette company, JUUL was hit with another lawsuit. The class action filed in Illinois federal court alleges that JUUL and its parent company, Phillip Morris, engaged in deceptive marketing aimed at youth to downplay the risks of nicotine addiction. If true, this would be a clear violation of federal racketeering laws.

Christian Foss, a 19 year who started the lawsuit, says he started using JUUL products when he was 16. Since then, he has become addicted to e-cigarettes. Due to his use of the product, he claims he suffers symptoms of asthma. In the suit, he claims he didn’t know JUUL pods contained more nicotine than a real cigarette. The plaintiff claims that JUUL used the deceptive practices that the tobacco industry used to get teens to smoke.
On top of this, Foss claims that the product is dangerous because of its defective design. Foss says “Juul is designed to create and sustain nicotine addiction.” This is not a new claim. As lawsuits against the company keep popping up, we keep seeing the same claims that JUUL is designed to get users hooked. Foss goes on to say “Juul appears to deliver nicotine more effectively and at higher doses than other e-cigarettes, increasing users’ risk of addiction.”

E-Cig Marketing

Part of the deceptive marketing JUUL has engaged in is claiming that their “pods” have the same nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. What they fail to mention is that because of the way the product is designed, you are getting more nicotine into the bloodstream, faster. With traditional cigarettes, the nicotine is being burned with the cigarette. This means the user doesn’t consumer 100% of the nicotine found in the cigarette. JUUL is much more effective. There is little wasted nicotine in a JUUL pod.

JUUL also didn’t put nicotine warning labels on its products till it was forced to in August of 2018. JUUL was first released in 2017. That is potentially one year worth of consumers who would have little way to tell that JUUL products contained nicotine.

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