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Insurance Denial After a Flood

Floods in the Rio Grande Valley can leave homes and business across the area severely damaged. If you are one of the many Valley residents whose property suffered damage due to storms, an experienced Texas Insurance Coverage Lawyer may be able to assist. After emergencies like floods, people need immediate claims assistance.

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Unfortunately, insurance companies have their best interest in mind. Insurance companies have lawyers and experienced adjusters who will try to settle for the minimum amount of money possible.

For example, Rock port, TX, has been fighting their insurance for 10 months after Hurricane Harvey. There are reports that 51% of the claims were denied, and only 33% have been paid out. That leaves 26% of claims in limbo. Insurance companies have lobbyists who influence the government so they can write their own rules. If the company signing the check is the one determining what is legal and what is not, there is no place for fairness. According to an article by the MySA News, “With the passage of House Bill 1774, penalties for the slow payment of legitimate weather-related property claims were slashed nearly in half, rewarding the worst insurance companies that string along with their policyholders.”

This means you could be fighting your insurance for a long time to receive the coverage you have been paying for.

Insurance companies are known for cutting their costs and making sure that they never have to pay money when it’s not needed. This means that whenever you apply to get your insurance company to pay for your losses, the company goes through a long process to figure out if there’s a way they don’t have to pay you. They do this because every time they pay for your expenses they lose money. Unfortunately, many Americans think they are covered by their insurance but then when they actually need coverage the insurance company is nowhere to be found.

This is often illegal, so you should check with a lawyer to get the money you deserve. Some ways you can tell if you deserve compensation from an insurance claim include:

You were Denied Coverage for Damage to Your Home

Did you buy homeowners insurance and the insurance company refuses to pay for a thief stealing your valuables? Did you purchase flood insurance and the company now refuses to replace your moldy carpet and ruined furniture? Speak to a lawyer to understand the terms of your agreement with the insurance company. Make sure the personal injury lawyers actually have experience working against insurance companies and they don’t charge you until you win the case.

Your Insurance Company Doesn’t Pay Even Though Coverage Required Payment

Insurance policies are often long and tedious to read, making it difficult for people to understand exactly what they are covered for when they purchase their policy. When you purchase a policy the insurance rep should explain exactly what you’re covered for, but there may be some gray areas that are designed to keep them more profitable, even if you get injured or your property is damaged. Call a lawyer if something like this happens and you feel like your policy had you covered.

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If you think your insurance company has delayed or wrongfully denied your claim, then you may need to contact a qualified Insurance Coverage Lawyer. We fight for Texas insurance denial bad faith victims. The Brownsville and San Antonio attorneys at The Law Giant, Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers will review your policy and help you receive the benefits you paid for.

The insurance bad faith attorneys at The Law Giant, Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers will be there to make sure your rights are protected. We will be your advocate and fight the insurance companies on your behalf. Contact us today at 866-523-4167, and let’s start by evaluating your claim during a free consultation.

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