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How To Tell If Your Insurance Company Owes You

February 3, 2014

Insurance companies are known for cutting their costs and making sure that they never have to pay money when it’s not needed. This means that whenever you apply to get your insurance company to pay for your bills, the company goes through a long process to figure out if there’s a way they don’t have to pay you. They do this because every time they pay for your medical expenses they lose money. Unfortunately many Americans think they are covered by their insurance but then when they actually need coverage the insurance company is nowhere to be found.

This is often illegal, so you should check with a personal injury lawyer to get the money you deserve. How can you tell if you’re eligible for compensation from your insurance company?

You were denied Coverage for an Injury

If you received an injury in your car, while playing sports, while at work or just while slipping in the shower, your insurance company often covers it. If the company refuses to pay for your recent injury or illness something fishy might be going on. Contact a personal injury lawyer to see if your insurance company should have covered that injury. This gives you a chance to take on insurance companies that typically have large teams of lawyers who work hard to make sure you don’t get paid.

You were Denied Coverage for Damage to Your Home

Did you buy homeowners insurance and the insurance company refuses to pay for a thief stealing your valuables? Did you purchase flood insurance and the company now refuses to replace your moldy carpet and ruined furniture? Speak to a lawyer to understand the terms of your agreement with the insurance company. Make sure the personal injury lawyers actually have experience working against insurance companies and they don’t charge you until you win the case.

Your Insurance Company Doesn’t Pay Even Though Coverage Required Payment

Insurance policies are often long and tedious to read, making it difficult for people to understand exactly what they are covered for when they purchase their policy. When you purchase a policy the insurance rep should explain exactly what you’re covered for, but there may be some gray areas that are designed to keep them more profitable, even if you get injured or your property is damaged. Call a lawyer if something like this happens and you feel like your policy had you covered.

Now it’s your turn to contribute. Let us know in the comments how you feel about insurance companies taking advantage of people who are actually covered. Let us know if you have ever experienced problems with your insurance company. Did you eventually get paid or were you left out to dry? Give advice for others encountering problems with insurance.

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