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How To Tell If Prescription Drug Is Dangerous

April 17, 2014

People and companies get sued in San Antonio all the time for selling and administering dangerous drugs. The problem with the drug industry is that the drug companies see huge profits and they hate it when they have to get rid of a drug for being dangerous. So they typically just slap a warning on the bottle to cover their butts. It’s also a problem because most people trust their doctors. Doctors are seen as a higher end of society. People who went through years of med school so they can help other people.

What if your doctor is misinformed or they intentionally give you a drug that is dangerous? You have no control over this, and you really can’t do anything about it. Sure you can take the drug and get sick or die, but then you already experienced the problems. You could sue to pay for your damages, but nothing will make up for the fact that you could have avoided the problem in the first place.

What are some ways to tell if a drug is dangerous?

Use the Wonderful World Online

Look up reviews and ratings on the drug. Check with different people who have used the drug. Check health websites so you know all of the side effects and if anyone has died from the drug. It’s also worth contacting people who reviewed the drug and think it’s bad. Tally up all of the opinions and make a consensus. You can even check on the doctors who prescribe it and don’t prescribe it. Ask both why they are for or against the drug.

Check With People Who Have Used The Drug in The Past

Do you know anyone who has used the drug in the past? The best way to get a solid answer is to speak with someone who has first hand experience with the drug. Share how you are concerned about taking the drug and ask if they had any bad side effects. Even ask them if they know anyone else who took the drug. Talk to everyone.

Ask the Doctor About Side Effects and Past Problems
Sometimes doctors know that a drug has had some problems in the market, but they still want to give it a try. After all, drugs respond differently in every single person. Ask your doctor to reveal as much evidence as possible. They should reply honestly if you ask the questions.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about dangerous drugs. We understand that this is a worrisome topic, so we are here to help out and answer any questions you might have. Share with the community and let us know if you have ever experienced any problems with drugs.

Have a dangerous drugs case you want to take legal action on? Give our law offices a call today. Our San Antonio personal injury lawyers have much experience in taking dangerous drug cases to court. Get a free case review and learn what you can do next.

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