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How to Respond if You Witness a Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries often occur when people are in severe car accidents or when young men or women are playing in a high contact sport. The problem with spinal cord injuries is that you don’t want to move the person because you might actually cause further damage that hinders their ability to enjoy the rest of their life. That said, it’s important for you to respond as a witness in case you see a spinal cord injury happen. Just because the injury didn’t happen to you doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t show concern and respect for the other human being.

Let’s take a look at how you should respond if you witness a spinal cord injury.

Try to Assemble Other Witness for Help

Witnesses are one of the best ways to win a personal injury case if you hurt your spinal cord. The more people that witness the spinal cord injury the easier it is to figure out who the negligent party was and whether or not someone is owed money for the problem. A spinal cord injury causes lifelong damage and requires people to pay thousands of dollars in medical bills to prevent further damage from occurring. This is why you have a strong responsibility to help those who experience spinal cord injuries.

Block Off the Area and Make Sure Nobody Moves the Person

It’s important to remember that you don’t want to move a person who has an apparent spinal cord injury. The injured person might try to stand up and move around, making the injury even worse. You might also notice that other people try to move them around or lift up their head to see how they are doing. Prevent all of these people from moving the injured person in order to protect the injury from getting worse.

Contact an Ambulance and Personal Injury Lawyer

Call an ambulance and tell people that help is on the way. Informed them that these are the medical professionals that are qualified to handle a spinal cord injury and that no one in the area as the qualifications to do so. Once the ambulance comes tell them that you are willing to serve as a witness in case anyone wants to file a police report worth the hospital needs to know anything. There is also a strong chance that the injured person wants to contact a personal injury lawyer. Tell the personal injury lawyer that you are willing to serve as a witness because you saw the entire event occur.

Drop a line in the comments section below if you have ever witnessed a spinal cord injury in your lifetime. Tell us how you responded to the spinal cord injury and let us know if you contacted a personal injury lawyer and served as a witness.

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