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How Normal Auto Maintenance Can Keep You Out Of a Car Accident

There is little worse than being in a car accident, but knowing that you could have easily prevented it is one of them. Sometimes, simple car maintenance can prevent the most common car accidents. Taking the time to do regular checkup on your vehicle can keep you and your vehicle lasting longer. Here are some problem areas to be sure not to ignore.

Make Sure People Can See You

Checking your lights should be a regular habit to have before driving your car. Your lights help other drivers anticipate your actions and drive accordingly. By lights we don’t just mean headlights either. Check you brake lights and blinkers regularly to make sure that other cars can see when you are about to turn or are making a stop. Not having functioning lights is not only dangerous; it will most likely get you a ticket.

Make Sure your Tires Are Good

Properly inflated tires can keep you from swerving on the road causing a serious accident. If your tire is not at the right pressure, a small puncture can cause your tires to pop. When this happens at high speed, you could easily swerve across multiple lanes of traffic. A simple tire pressure check prior to driving can help prevent this devastating possibility.

Check the Fluids

Your car needs fluids to go. That is why you should check your fluids daily. This includes all of your oils and even your windshield wiper fluid. Engine oils may be easy to understand why they are important. Your car can overheat and stop functioning. But many drivers overlook the importance of having windshield wiper fluid. Windshield wipers help keep the windows clear and free from dirt. When you are driving with a dirty window, you can’t see the cars or obstacles in front of you. It is a definite hazard that puts you at risk for an accident. Checking your wiper fluid and other fluids before you drive can save you from that headache.

Don’t Ignore Cracks

Speaking of windshields – you should be sure to replace windshields that have cracked. Even if it is only a small crack, that crack can easily lead to a shattered windshield. If you thought a little dirt could distract you from safe driving, imagine what a shattered windshield could do. Getting a cracked windshield replaced is easy to do and is covered by many insurance agencies.

Normal automobile maintenance is not only a good rule of thumb; it is also a great way to prevent a devastating car accident. If you aren’t already in the habit of maintaining your vehicle, now is the time to start doing it. It won’t just keep your car running longer, it might also save your life.

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