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Giant Warehouses Are Maiming Workers

With online retail giants, like Amazon, getting bigger and bigger, the need for warehouse workers increases. Companies like Amazon are building more of their fulfillment centers, where hundreds of people find work packaging and sending off orders bought by customers online. Many of these jobs require employees to be climbing up and down from ladders all day to retrieve and package merchandise. They are forced to meet quotas for packaging items, and if they fall behind on their goals, they risk getting disciplined. This anxiety causes employees to do whatever they can to meet their goals, and avoid getting in trouble with management.

This stress, coupled with the repetitive movement can lead to serious injuries. Candice Dixion was one of these employees. After visiting an Amazon-approved doctor, she was told she could no longer work for the company. This doctor told her that her job caused her to have bulging disks, causing Dixion tremendous amounts of pain. With her worker’s compensation running out, she finds her self struggling. She can hardly do normal, everyday tasks. Something as simple as climbing the stairs or walking her dog is almost impossible for her. In her condition, shes finding it difficult to secure a job, and faces losing her home as a result.

Dixion isn’t an offhand case. She is apart of a larger pattern. In fact, Dixion was part of the 422 injuries recorded last year in Amazons Eastvale warehouse. One of the most dangerous facilities in the industry, with an injury rate four times more than the industry average. These workplace injuries are serious and need to be treated as such. Finding a personal injury attorney could be the first step in getting the compensation you deserve. Don’t allow your employer to take advantage of you.

Affected by A Companies Negligence?

If a major corporation has taken advantage of your trust, you need an attorney. Negligence is a serious matter and if you feel like you have been a victim of negligence, you should contact a law firm experienced in fighting for the people to protect them form big corporate interests. The Law Giant, Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers is an experienced negligence attorney who will be able to fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact The Texas Law Giant for your free consultation at our office phone number or reach out to us online.

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