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Disturbing News of Child Abuse at Daycare

January 8, 2020   |   Posted by: Begum Law Group
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Two weeks ago, news came out about a Colorado daycare owner who was charged with child abuse. Following an almost two month investigation, Carla Faith was accused of hiding children behind a false wall in her home.

This all started with a wellness check. The police were given a call concerning a woman who had far too many children housed at her home. When officers first arrived at the Play Mountian Place daycare, Mrs. Faith refused to cooperate, and police found no children. However, they heard children’s voices. After investigating, they found a false wall inside the building. Behind this wall was a staircase to a basement. Below were two adults and a total of 26 children. All the children were under 3 years old according to an affidavit. Officers claim the children were sweating, dehydrated, and had soiled diapers.

Faith owned four other daycares in Colorado and a preschool. All of these facilities have been shut-down. According to the Colorado Department of Human Services, she previously ran child care facilities in California. These were shut down for similar reasons several years ago. Currently, parents of the children left at Faith’s daycare have filed a lawsuit claiming breach of duty of care.

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