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CVS Sued Due to Eye Drop and Ear Drop Mix-Up

August 7, 2019   |   Posted by: Begum Law Group

Sometime last month, The Walker family went to a CVS to fill a prescription for eye drops. According to the Lawsuit, the Walkers were given ear drops instead. Due to this mix-up, Mr. Walker was temporarily blinded for an unspecified amount of time and permanently damaged vision. The Walkers are accusing CVS Pharmacy Inc of negligence are suing for the amount of $300,000. According to the families petition, “Mr. Walker was a proud man. He already had compromised vision. Because defendants error, Mr. Walker was unable to perform his normal activities at his previous level since the error.” On top of this, the Texas couple is accusing CVS of failing to turn over Mr. Watler’s medical records. They claim they made the initial request and then three more follow-ups after that.

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