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Construction Workers Risk Catastrophic Injuries Daily.

Unsafe work environments can have life-changing consequences. Even the smallest mistake can lead to lead to someone getting seriously injured. A prime example of the consequences of an unsafe work environment is Ricardo Tavares. Tavares was working for the city of Brooklyn, with the Department of Environmental protection back in 2016. While working on a sewer excavation project, Tavares was struck on the head when a utility pole came crashing down on him. A co-worker using a mobile excavator machine snag the machine on a utility line, and caused the pole to fall over.

The force of the pole threw Tavares 20 feet to the bottom of the excavation trench. As a result of the accident, the 39-year-old was left with multiple head and spinal fractures. He is now suffering from a traumatic brain injury, and paralysis in his legs and arms. Tavares’s story should serve as a reminder to employers on how harmful being irresponsible can be to an employee. Tavares is now unable to play with his 8-year-old daughter like he uses to because of his injuries. Negligence is can cause more harm than you think. Always take the extra time to ensure everyone on the worksite is safe. Something as simple as double-checking your equipment can save a life.

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