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Common Places for Premise Liability Cases

July 9, 2014

Premises liability can technically happen anywhere you go. You might trip and fall while walking out of work or you might slip on a layer of grease at the local diner in San Antonio, Tx. Regardless of the accident, the owner of the premise is required to keep people safe while on their property. Keep in mind that all premises liability cases usually involve parties who are running a business, so you might end up fighting a team of lawyers. That’s why it’s important for you to get your own team of lawyers on your side.

Premises liability is scary because you never really know where you might be in danger. Is the next step you take going to break your leg? Are you about to get electrocuted because of some faulty wiring? All of these questions have no answers, but if you do get injured you can always call a personal injury lawyer to come help you out and get the compensation you deserve.

Let’s take a look at some of the common places where premises liability occurs so you can be extra careful and understand your rights when walking into an establishment.

Restaurants and places with food

Restaurants and places with food are particularly at risk for premises liability because there might be degraded parts of the building. They also have large kitchens that include electricity and gas lines, so you might end up getting hurt if the premises aren’t managed properly. If you do get hurt while at a restaurant or bar then call your personal injury lawyer to figure out if the company owes you any money for medical bills.

Old buildings

Old buildings such as schools, city condos and even some hotels might have some premises problems that you cannot see at first glance. In order to avoid these problems ask the owners if anything is wrong with the building. In order to keep people safe they should put up signs to keep people away from dangerous areas. They should also repair the dangerous areas in a timely manner so that you don’t have to keep avoiding it.

Places Where Things are Being Built

This is an interesting point, because when you walk by a house that is building a new roof or putting in a new driveway it might be assumed that you should avoid this location. If there are signs or it’s clear that you should avoid the area then the party that is doing work may not be liable for your damages. However, if a household is ripping down a tree in their front yard and they hit a power cable in the ground, causing you to get electrocuted then you might be eligible for compensation since the people didn’t warn you about this possibility.

Have a premise liability case in San Antonio? Call our local personal injury attorneys and get a free case review today. Learn if you have a case to seek possible reimbursement.

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