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CDC Releases Vape Brands Responsible For Vaping Epidemic

Over the past few months, vaping has been getting a lot of attention in the media. Over 2,300 people have suffered from serious lung damage because they were vaping. It is now known that vitamin E was causing these issues. This vitamin was often one of the main filler ingredients found in THC vaping liquids. THC is the high-inducing compound found in marijuana. In a report released on Friday, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention came up with a list of the harmful products. The list was made by using what victims of the epidemics cited using before being treated for their lung illnesses.

An overwhelming amount of vapers were using a brand that goes by the name “Dank Vapes.” This brand was used by over 56% of the hospitalized patients across the nation. What makes this scarier is that these products can be bought without branded packaging. That would make it harder for others to determine what they were buying. counterfeiters, then buy these cartridges online on illicit Chinese vaping sites. After ordering, the product is ship to the buyer, and the counterfeiter fills the cartridges with whatever they want. This has lead to the market being flooded with deadly counterfeits.

Because of these counterfeits, many legally sold vape products have been cited as causing these lung issues. Counterfeiters would make their own THC vape juice with Chinse products that use vitamin E, and then sell it off as a U.S made, legal product for a cheaper price than retailers. Some of the other products that have been responsible for hospitalizations are brands call “TKO,” “Smart Cart,” and “Rove.” However, they are not as popular as Dank vapes. These products were responsible for 15%, 13%, and 12% of hospitalizations respectively.

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