Tackling Defective Drugs And Negligent Drug Manufacturers

We trust our doctors to prescribe medication that makes us better. In fact, your doctor truly believes your medication will make you better. When your medication causes you to get worse, or creates additional symptoms, you need to take swift action.

The attorneys at Begum Law Group have represented those across Brownsville and San Antonio in cases involving dangerous pharmaceuticals. We hold drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies accountable for their negligent and reckless actions, which only serve to boost their own profits at the expense of your health and safety.

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Drug Manufacturers And Black Box Warnings

When a doctor prescribes medication, they trust that the drug company has gone through the proper trials and procedures to release that drug for public use. Far too often, drug companies skirt laws and lie to the FDA to release their medication. Every decision made by a pharma company is made with their bottom line in mind — and this may be at the expense of your very life.

While drug manufacturers are required to put "black box warnings" on their medication, describing the potential negative side effects the medicine will have, these warnings are often hidden and may not highlight the major negative effects it will have on your health. We take on these companies and hold them accountable for their faulty medicine. Even common medicines like Tylenol have impurities and life-threatening side effects for some consumers, and without proper knowledge, you may place your life at risk by simply trusting the manufacturers who make these medications.

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