Strategic Representation For Those Injured In Serious Boat Accidents

A boating accident can be the result of many mishaps. There can be injuries and deaths while working on a barge or commercial boat, or even accidents while relaxing on a recreational boat. Many boating accidents involve collisions with boats. These types of collisions are hazardous not only to the passengers on board, but any swimmers or nearby structures too. Even Jet Skis and personal watercraft accidents can become deadly when operated by intoxicated or inexperienced riders. Because of all of the variables in a boating accident, it is important to seek legal representation when you are injured from one.

Boating accidents in Texas are unfortunately common. The many rivers, lakes and of course the Gulf Coast make the water a popular destination. Although many Texans are experienced in the water, the currents and tides are not predictable. In many cases, victims survive the accident, but are drowned by the rapidly moving currents. Another deadly scenario is a victim jumping into the water attempting to escape a boat fire. They may misjudge the depth of the water and combined with their jump, cause serious injury.

Below are some of the results of boating accidents:

  • Brain damage due to lack of oxygen
  • Spinal cord injury from jumping into water that is too shallow
  • Severe burns from exploding engines
  • Death from drowning

We Can Help

Whether your boating accident is the result of a collision with another boat, an accident on a barge or a defective speedboat, the attorneys at The Begum Law Group are here to help. We help the victims and their families begin to put their life back together by offering legal advocacy and advice. Our San Antonio and Brownsville lawyers will work to find the source of the accident so that you can be compensated for your pain and suffering. We understand that the time following a boating accident is difficult, and offer the compassionate expertise you'll need.

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