Fighting For Fair Treatment By Insurance Companies

Has your insurance claim been denied, even though you are certain you were covered? Did your policy seem to change without your knowledge? Did you receive a smaller payment than you were certain you'd receive? It is not uncommon for valid policyholders to be cheated out of the coverage they have paid for. And when they are, The Begum Law Group is here to fight for what's right.

If you think your insurance company has taken advantage of you, then you may need to contact a qualified insurance Coverage lawyer. Insurance Companies are experienced at paying out as little as they have to; the less they pay in claims, the more profit they make. It is in every insurance company's interest to charge you as much as they can in premiums, while avoiding paying as many claims as possible. They design a business based on this concept by creating confusing policies, while denying as many claims as possible.

When you receive a bad faith denial of an insurance claim, the decision to do so is calculated based on the likelihood and cost of a lawsuit versus the likelihood of people ignoring it or accepting a settlement.

When Bad Faith Has Occurred

We fight for Texas insurance denial bad faith victims. The Brownsville and San Antonio attorneys at The Begum Law Group will review your policy and help you receive the benefits you paid for. Our experience helps people across the state of Texas.

You purchased insurance so that you would have it in the event of an emergency, but your insurance company is motivated to make money by denying your claim. Insurance companies are large sophisticated corporations with teams of experienced lawyers and adjusters. They have been trained on how to pay out as little in claims as possible. It is only fair to arm yourself with an experienced lawyer to fight for your rights.

Potential insurance bad faith denials:

  • Denial of coverage for an injury
  • Denial of coverage for damage to your home
  • Refusal to pay despite policy stating coverage

The insurance company will fight to retain their profits, and will use the best attorneys their large pockets can afford. Fight insurance bad faith denials with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney at your side.

Get The Advice You Need

The insurance bad faith attorneys at The Begum Law Group will be there to make sure your rights are protected. We will be your advocate and fight the insurance companies on your behalf. Call us today at 956-267-5580, and let's start by evaluating your claim during a free consultation.