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$8 Million Verdict in Wrongful Death Suit

Back in 2014, a 48-year-old woman volunteering at the Moose Lodge in Michigan died. While in the basement of the resort, Mrs. Simpson died of carbon dioxide poisoning. Thanks to a malfunctioning soda machine, a CO2 tank burst, filling the basement with the deadly gas. Normally, when these large machines are installed, they have some kind of ventilation. This is in order to prevent death, in case there is a CO2 leak. However, the Northville Moose Lodge was negligent in its installation of the soda machine. There was no ventilation whatsoever in the basement.

Normally, CO2 can kill a person within 5 minutes at 100% concentration. The gas is colorless and is unscented. Surely, if you have such a deadly substance in your care, you would have some sort of precautions to prevent these accidents. The Moose Lodge did not. Mrs. Simpson went into the basement and quickly passed out. She died 5 days later from lack of oxygen and severe brain damage. This case went on for 5 years. For those five years, the lodge tried to evade responsibility in the accident. This is despite several investigations, pointing the finger at the organization. Thankfully, justice was served at the end of this ordeal. The lodge will have to pay $8 million to the victim’s estate.

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