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7th Person Dead From Vaping

September 17, 2019   |   Posted by: Begum Law Group
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Vaping related illnesses have been on the rise in the United States recently. As of today, we have discovered that a 7th person has died from vaping. The death of the Californian man has launched a $20 million ad campaign in his state to warn about the dangers of vaping. As a result of the latest outbreaks, the CDC has opened its Emergency Operations Center. Researchers at the center are looking into the exact causes of the 380 cases of lung illnesses, associated with vaping. They are doing this in conjunction with 36 other states and the US Virgin Islands.

What is being done about Vaping?

In the meantime, California is focusing on cracking down on counterfeit products and inforcing stricter packaging warning. As more research is being done, it appears counterfeit THC vape pods are the cause of these illnesses. However, no conclusive evidence has surfaced as to whether or not this is the only cause of the illnesses. To combat the rampant use of vape products, California is looking into taxing these products more. Antivaping advocates have pointed out that cigarettes are taxed at $2.87 a pack, while JUUL is only $1.48 per pod.

In a press conference, the governor of California accused tobacco companies of using fruity flavors to get young people to smoke. However, major tobacco companies deny this and claim that flavored vaping products have help adults quit smoking. On a federal level, the Trump administration is still working on a ban on flavored vape products. We should hear more news about the ban in the weeks to come.

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