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6 Dead From Vaping -Related Diseases.

A woman in Kansas is now the 6th person in the United States to die from a vaping related illness. The CDC and many state health departments are investigating the cause of these issues. The only thing they can agree on is that these illnesses are related to vaping. However, no one is quite sure about what about vaping is causing these serious lung diseases. This issue is devastating communities across America that have seen a massive increase in young people vaping. As of now, the current estimate of people with lung illness associated with vaping is 450. This is across 33 different states and the US Virgin Islands. However, the number keeps changing and increasing as the days go by.

What About Vaping Is So Deadly?

The answer to this is not clear. The only common denominator between patients is that they were all vaping. Not one specific product is being blamed yet, but many people have reported using JUUL. A popular product used to vape. However, in states like New York, they are focusing on vitamin E acetate being the cause. Vitamin E is not toxic to people when taken topically, but there has been no research in the past of the effects of the mineral when inhaled. Vitamin E is not normally used in legal, nicotine-based vapes. Scientists are finding it in cannabis oils used for vaping. Right now, vitamin E is the key focus in many investigations.

What is Being Done About This?

Right now, the FDA is making the vaping epidemic and main priority. The agency has issued warning letters to JUUL, and now the company is at risk of losing all of its assets. The company has recently been facing an onslaught of lawsuits. JUUL has been sued and criticized for its false advertising. Claims saying that their product is safer than cigarettes, or not warning of the addictive nature of nicotine are the top concerns. Several states are also considering banning all flavored vaping products. So far the only state that has been successful in this is Michigan.

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