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2.2 Million Children Affected by Opioid Crisis

According to a survey done by the United Hospital Fund, over 2.2 million children have been affected by the opioid crisis. However, it’s important to mention that this survey didn’t collect data past 2017, so the number could be much larger. This new data shows that the effects of the opioid crisis will be felt for years to come. The research suggests that children who have parents abusing opioids are the ones affected the most. This includes children who have parents that are incarcerated, died due to an overdose, or have at least one parent addicted to opioids. Unfortunately, many of these children are still living with their addicted parents and see the horrors of this epidemic every day.

What’s even more frightening is that an estimated 170,000 kids have an opioid disorder themselves, or have accidentally taken the drug recently. Those children are more likely to incur higher expenses during childhood. It’s estimated that it will cost $117.5 billion for health care, child welfare, and special education to take care of these children. Even if the opioid use trend continues to go down, by 2030 it is believed that the cost will reach upwards of $400 billion. People are calling for policymakers, community leaders and others to start to respond to the crisis now before it gets any worse.

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