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When are Manufacturers Responsible for Injuries?

March 30, 2020   |   Posted by: Begum Law Group
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Often times we hear of people being harmed by-products on the news. It can as simple as an allergic reaction from an unlisted chemical the manufacturer uses, or a serious car malfunction. Too many times, manufacturers get away with selling products they know are harmful, or were too negligent to ensure the product was safe. In these cases, it’s often appropriate to pressure a product liability case. Manufacturers have a duty of care when they sell you a product. Manufacturers must disclose any known hazards by writing or some other kind of label. They must disclose any recalls once they have been announced by a government body. They also must have some means for customers to return defective products, and provide instructions.

A good example of a product liability case involves a recall that happened not to long ago. Recently, Ikea had to recall 29 million dressers due to a tipping hazard. Customers who signed up for recall information never received it. The recall was supposed to warn consumers of the tipping hazard, and give them instructions for wall mounts to prevent any tipping from happening. Of course, without hearing of any news of the dangers of this product, they assembled the products and used them normally. Unfortunately, many children were injured, and some even killed.

As a result, IKEA had to pay over $50 million in damages to victims. Their MALM three-drawer dressers didn’t meet minimum safety stands, and children were harmed because of it.

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