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What To Do Right After A Car Accident

Car accidents are quite common in San Antonio, and you can assume that you might actually get in one at some point in your life. Just because you are a good driver doesn’t mean that someone else won’t sideswipe you or rear end you while you’re sitting at a traffic light. The fact of the matter is driving a car or any type of vehicle is somewhat dangerous. You take a risk when you go out on the road because there are so many people driving their cars. You also have to worry about motorcycles and large trucks that may cause even more damage to you in your vehicle.

The big question that comes up after a car accident is what you should actually do and how you should respond. You want to start by making sure that everyone is okay in the vehicle and refrain from yelling at the other person who hits you or acting as if it wasn’t at all your fault. The less confrontation the better. Now let’s take a look at the steps you should take after you get into a car accident.

Call the Police and an Ambulance if Needed

If people are injured in the car accident then you should call ambulance as soon as possible. Let them know what happened on the line and they will send out a police car as well as an ambulance or fire truck if needed. At the bare minimum you should ask for a police vehicle to come out and help you. The police station files reports and make sure that no criminal activity has happened. San Antonio police cruisers are trained to handle such accidents, and it is always best to call 911 right away.

Trade Insurance Information

This is where your insurance card comes into play. If you don’t have insurance then you’re out of luck, and you might be facing some legal problems up ahead, but if you do have insurance then you should swap this information with the person that you got in the accident with. When you get home call up your insurance company and make sure that you are covered for this type of accident. Go through your entire insurance plan if the insurance company states that you are not covered. There have been plenty of times were insurance companies lie or work their way out of covering people in order to make more money.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers are the people that you will call in order to get yourself out of trouble or to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for someone else’s negligence. If you believe that someone else was a cause of this car accident it’s essential to call a personal injury lawyer to get the money that you deserve. Make sure to contact an injury attorney in your city, who is well versed in the city/state’s statutes and laws. Our San Antonio car accident lawyers are always ready to listen to your case and give you a free legal consultation and case review.

Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions about how to contact a personal injury lawyer or what to do after you are in a car accident. We understand that car accidents are traumatic situations. You might be injured or a loved one might even die. It’s difficult to assume that people will make the right response and call a personal injury lawyer after the accident, but with this guide you should know how to respond.

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