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What To Do If Hurt as a Pedestrian

February 12, 2014

Have you ever been injured while walking down the street?

Did a car ever hit you, or have you tripped and fallen while walking in front of a business?

Pedestrians often forget that they may be eligible for financial compensation, because it is more common to receive money when you are driving in a car. However, there are many instances that occur where you should contact a personal injury lawyer and try to get compensation.

How can you figure out if you are eligible for damages as a pedestrian?


If you were hit by a car while walking on a sidewalk or area where people are supposed to be safe you may be eligible for compensation. Think about where you were walking when you got hit by a car or got injured. If you were walking on a parking lot, sidewalk or trail you should contact a lawyer immediately. Take a picture of the location and document as much as you can. This gives your lawyer more information and makes a better case.


Document all the injuries that occur from a pedestrian injury. Show this list of pictures and documentation to you lawyer. Compile all your medical bills to get the exact amount of money you deserve. Check for bruises or broken bones quickly after the accident occurs. If you are dazed or feel hurt after the accident it is important to document everything. Many people experience mental problems after an accident as well. If you have to speak with a therapist or mental specialist then you should also contact a lawyer.


If you know someone who dies because of a pedestrian accident it is important to get compensation. The grieving process is difficult, but you always want to make sure you get all the compensation necessary as quickly as possible. Some people try to get away from paying damages after they kill someone who was walking. Lawyers are there to make sure this doesn’t happen. Families of the diseased individual deserve money for the death of their loved one.


You may still be eligible for compensation if the person didn’t have bad intentions when they hit you with their car. Some people feel bad suing another person if it was clearly an accident, but you want to get compensation for all your medical bills if you get injured as a pedestrian. Don’t think that it was your fault because you were walking across the street where cars are driving. Contact a lawyer even if you think the driver was doing the best they could to avoid you.

Let us know in the comments if you have been injured while walking. Explain if you received compensation and if you contacted a lawyer.

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