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What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

Were you recently in a motorcycle accident, here in San Antonio, Tx? Are you driving along highway 410 or 1604 trying to get to a special occasion when a car blindsided you or bumped you from behind?

Unfortunately there’s a stigma that goes along with motorcyclists, that an accident is always the motorcyclists fault. This might be because you can usually see motorcyclists speeding down the street or not wearing helmets, but it’s unfair to those who actually follow the rules and abide by all the street laws.

What happens after you get in a motorcycle accident? Do you know exactly how to respond?

Let’s take a look at what exactly you should do after you or someone you know gets in a motorcycle accident.

Get to the Hospital as Soon as Possible

The first thing you should do after a motorcycling accident is to go to hospital soon as possible. You might feel like you are okay but motorcycles are dangerous machines. You could have some head trauma or other injuries that you don’t notice right off the bat. Going to the emergency room and telling the doctors exactly what happened is important to make sure nothing was internally damaged during the wreck. Get your entire body checked out before you talk to a lawyer and follow up with any other legal proceedings.

Collect all the Evidence you Possibly Can

While you’re at the hospital ask a friend or family member to collect as much evidence as they can from the crash site and from the other person who got an accident with you. This is quite important for holding a quality case in court. Your lawyer will want to look at all this evidence and personal information from all the parties involved in the accident. Mark down everything that you can remember about the crash.

Contact A Lawyer

Speak to a lawyer that gives you a free consultation, this way you shouldn’t have to worry about paying any money in case the lawyer feels that you don’t have a fighting chance in court. The lawyer should give you as much advice as possible on how to resolve your motorcycle accident. You can also present the information you accumulated from the previous step in order to show the lawyer that you might be able to gain compensation for this case. Our San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyers give a free case review to our clients, letting them know exactly what their options are. Consider speaking with a lawyer who has extended experience working with motorcyclists, so check into their references prior to choosing them.

Let us know in the comments area below if you’ve any questions about how you should respond after motorcycle accident. Let us know if you’ve ever in a motorcycle accident how you responded. Would you give any advice to other people of motorcycles?

Have a motorcycle accident case you’d like to take to court? Contact the San Antonio auto accident lawyers at The Law Giant, Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers for a free legal consultation and case review. They’ll help assess the legal situation and let you know how to proceed.

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