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Types of Medical Specialists You May See After an Accident

It’s important to see a doctor immediately after an accident, and you will likely see many different types of providers as you heal. You may be unsure of how to keep up with which doctor treats which conditions. Read below to learn more about the medical specialists who may treat you after an accident.

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Emergency Room Physicians

Immediately after an accident, you should always get emergency medical treatment. This will establish your medical record and determine the severity of your injuries. Without this record, the insurance company may question whether you were actually injured by the accident.

At the Trauma Center or ER, you will see an emergency room physician. This is a specialist in emergency care. They will treat any bleeding, severe pain, and other immediate needs after the accident.


At the ER and during follow up visits with other doctors, you will likely have to see radiologists. They will read your x-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, and other imaging studies. If you have broken bones and other serious injuries, you will need to see a radiologist multiple times over the course of many months.


You may need surgery after an accident, in which case you will see one or more surgeons. Trauma surgeons are often called in to treat severe injuries after an accident while orthopedic surgeons may need to treat ongoing issues that are persistent for months or years.

If you have internal injuries, a general surgeon may examine and treat you either during your emergency treatment or in the weeks afterwards. If you were disfigured due to the accident, you may also need to see a plastic surgeon.

Burn Specialists

If you suffered burns to your face, hands, or a significant portion of your body, you will need to see a burn specialist. They can help you heal in a way that reduces the chances of an infection and promotes healthy tissue growth. Without a specialist, your scar tissue may become thick and you may lose mobility due to burns.


If you suffered a traumatic brain injury, whiplash, or another condition that impacts your brain, you may need to see a neurologist. They will examine you and make suggestions about further treatment. Neurologists often have to think about long-term effects of accidents and how to mitigate your symptoms over time.

Physical Therapists

After seeing other doctors, you will likely be referred to a physical therapist to regain motion after an injury. They can help you with exercises, aqua therapy, and other treatments that promote healthy healing of your bones and soft tissues.

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