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Texas’s Independent Grid: How Seclusion Might Have Made the Power Failure Worse

February 22, 2021   |   Posted by: Begum Law Group
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For over four million Texans, last week’s winter storms resulted in an unprecedented loss of power. However, this is not the first time the Texas power grid has failed its citizens. Back in 1989 and, more recently 2011, Texans have suffered the consequences of power companies being unprepared. This most recent winter storm is the latest example of the failures of power companies to provide reliable service that Texans not only expect but are dependent on. Many states found themselves in a similar position when last week’s storm hit. However, no other state saw the massive power outages Texans suffered. Why is that?

The Texas Power Grid

Unlike any other state, Texas has its own independent power grid. Due to the state being the largest producer and consumer of energy, Texas enjoys the ability to operate independently when it comes to power. According to many analysts, if Texas had a smoother connection to other state power pools or was connected to the U.S’s other two power grids, Texas would not have suffered as badly as it did. Texas would have been connected to the wholesale electricity market, and then could buy and sell power to utilities outside of Texas more easily.

With the privilege of being independent comes responsibilities. According to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT,), there were early warning signs of a massive power outage. Two days before the massive outage, the grid suddenly lost 539 megawatts of power. To put that into perspective, that’s enough to power 108,000 homes. Even with this warning, ERCOT moved too slowly to tell utilities to institute rolling blackouts to protect against a grid meltdown. Last Monday might have been one of the coldest days in the state’s history. However, ERCOT has been warned multiple times to prepare for this kind of event.

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