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Schools are Now Suing Vape Companies

Juul Labs, one of the largest manufacturers of vape products, is getting into more legal issues. Juul Labs are the makers of the now-infamous Juul. a sleek, small, USB-looking vape devise. This product is being blamed for getting thousands of school-aged children addicted to nicotine. Because of this, several lawsuits have been filed against the company. Now schools have joined a class action suit. Many California and Colorado school districts are joining this lawsuit to hold Juul Labs responsible for the harm they have done to the student body.

The Issue With Vaping

“Students tell us that they have seen their peers in serious need of help due to nicotine addiction,” says Austin Beutner, A Superintendent at a school where vaping has become the new norm. According to Beutner, students are missing unprecedented amounts of time in school. Students who vape are either getting sick or getting suspended due to their vaping addiction. Not only has this ruined student performance in school but it has stopped one of the greatest accomplishments in public health. Teenage smokers made up 28% of the school population back in 2000. In 2017, that number was down to just 8%. Thanks to vaping, the number has jumped right back up to 30% in only 2 years. Vaping has created a tremendous amount of damage to past accomplishments in a short period of time.

In states like Colorado, the problem is much worse. Not only do educators have to worry about nicotine vaping, but THC vapes as well. THC and other marijuana products are becoming more common in schools. The first obvious concern is THC vapes. The FDA has released a formal warning against these products. The high levels of vitamin E have lead to many falling extremely ill and even dying. 18 deaths linked to THC vapes were among people younger than 35. Because of this, educators are seeking punitive financial compensation from the companies that are profiting from getting children hooked on drugs and nicotine.

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